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Evergrey Lokadottr, Oakland, CA
Seeing Scott is truly therapeutic- he considers the whole package- physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When he is done with me, I can walk straight, and I feel relaxed and soothed. He listens to my words and my body as he works. After Scott works on me, my left leg doesn't go numb for several days. I don't wake up in the middle of the night with pins and needles, and I can concentrate at work. I feel safe with Scott. I know that I can trust him, and he has my best interests in mind. He will work with me to improve things, and he respects my needs and opinions.

Robin Dolan, Berkeley, CA
Scott is a natural healer, and loves to do the work. I like that it's not like he's working out a formula. So many times when I get a massage, it's like someone is working out a script. They do the "blah blah spine move", then the arms, then the legs, etc. But Scott really senses what is needed, and responds to that. I totally appreciate that he's so responsive to the moment, and not just following some pre-set plan.

June Vance, Oakland, CA
I was an emotional mess when Scott started working on me. I think that having him work on me helped me from completely retreating from men. It wasn't him alone, but he was a definite factor.

Martha Storm, Oakland, CA
Working with Scott on a weekly basis has reduced the frequency and severity of my fibro-myalgia flare-ups. He has helped me pinpoint triggers, relived muscle spasms and improved muscle flexibility.

Deborah Moyer, Dublin, CA
The healing work Scott has been doing on my shoulders, and lower back have made a huge difference in the pace of my recovery. We have also been doing some balancing work, which has been improving my overall ability to assess my own self, and control what I have to deal with, in my body. I am dealing with a whiplash injury. My chiropractor can tell immediately if I have seen Scott between visits to her. She has found his work with me to be a real benefit in my ability to relax and let her work. The healing process is progressing, consequently, faster than she had believed it would. Scott is thorough, careful, and non judgmental. He is aware of the constraints on my life, and doesn't expect me to renig on my responsibilities. He simply takes them into account, and works with me in context of what I must do.

Brad Nelson, Fremont, CA
I am more aware of my body and it's condition since I started working with Scott. I like Scott's ability to listen and discern what might be bothering me. His manner is confident and professional with everyone.

Kaerla Fellows, San Jose, CA
What I get from my time with Scott is almost too subtle for me to put into words. He doesn't start off pounding me like a lump of dough. Even his presence is very gentle - and yet it's also very self assured and THERE. I think that the one thing I can connect directly to my time with Scott is the feeling of being more firmly centered IN my body, and there is less self/body hatred in me these days. I'd tell someone who was going to work with Scott for the first time that he's awfully good at what he does - but that they've got to find out for themselves what it is exactly that he does. I believe that he's different for every person he works on.

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