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Chiropractic Care

Dr. Fred Githler


John "Buffalo" Brownson
Earth Circles Counseling Center

Intuitive Tarot and Spiritual Counsel

Sacred Well
3179 College Aveneue, Berkeley CA 94705


Chairs, pillows, and other tools for back and neck care and support

Shaklee Health and Home products distributors. Welcome to our web site - where the best of science & nature come together. All you need to creat a healthier life for you and your family is just a click away!

ToastyBear and Home Spa Therapy products that instantly soothe and ease the aches and pains of everyday life.

Beautifully crafted heatable stuffed animals filled with buckwheat and a soothing blend of herbs including lavender and rosebuds.



Polarity Energy Balancing

Muscle Manipulation

Top Ten Massage Techniques

Massage Magazine article on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Massage Magazine article on Plantar Fasciitis

Memory Release

Body Memory: An Exploration of Individuals' Understanding of Personal Grief and its Manifestation in their Bodies by a student at NYU's Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics

Healing and Body Memory by Dr. Lynn Bamberger, D.C., R.C.

Body Memory by -

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