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Improving your life through bodywork

Improoovements is a wellness practice that unites owner/practitioner Scott Pennington with clients who are committed to the process of improving their lives through bodywork and energy work.

The human body is a marvelous and exciting organism. It is always busy self-healing, self-regulating, and self-adjusting.  There are sooo many things to keep track of that the body may occasionally forget about parts of itself, put a muscle or area on autopilot, make adjustments and compensations. This ability of the body to turn muscles “off” when they are strained or not working properly allows us to keep going when we need to make a deadline, get through the day, or finish the project.  But the body often forgets to re-adjust to normal activity patterns after the crisis is over.  The adjustments made for convenience then become ingrained in the body’s programming, and are very difficult to fix without intervention. 

Why would a muscle turn “off?”  Sometimes the reason is an old habit that remained from an injury, a chronic illness, or a structural defect due to heredity.  Sometimes the aches and pains in our bodies come from past trauma, emotional, physical, sexual, or other abuse, that have lasting effects on the body and the way we hold and see ourselves.

Improoovements Co-Active Healing works with the somatic body by facilitating and assisting the process of healing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels for the long term.  Different modalities are used to awaken the somatic body and address the source of the issue, not just the physical symptoms.

Some of the different approaches used in Co-Active Healing are:

Conditions that can be improooved by Co-Active Healing include:

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